I love cookies.

The followings are the chief events of 1993.

You're as pale as a corpse.

Alfred is trustworthy.

Someone's talking.

Margie doesn't care what Andries thinks.

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We love each other and that's the only thing that matters.

I don't hate you.

We're through.

I can't get Noam out of my mind.

He got full marks.


Devon waited patiently for her turn to see the exhibition.

I hardly ever remember my dreams.

She started crying.

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My sister works at the United States Embassy in London.

May I have a moment with my client, your honor?

Logic and mathematics are nothing but specialised linguistic structures.


Maybe I'm losing my mind.

We've made a lot of improvements today.

It took her ages to get over her husband suddenly walking out on her and the children.


Where I live, I enjoy spring the most, because the winter is too cold, the summer is too hot, and the autumn is too wet.

Astronomy is perhaps the science whose discoveries owe least to chance, in which human understanding appears in its whole magnitude, and through which man can best learn how small he is.

I wish Elwood's father would let me talk to her.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Lui heard someone calling his name.

Part interrupted me.

I speak almost no French.

He tried to soothe the angry man.

I knew we could count on him.

Leif knew that Shyam was in Boston.

Don't put the company in danger.

We're running out of supplies.

She has sharpened the knives.

May I have a bus schedule?

Anton didn't get a chance.

Holly pulled open the drawer.

He shaved his moustache.

Nora unfolded the map.

As she was leaving me, she said that she would never forget me.

I'm not sure I can trust her.

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You don't seem afraid at all.


Ira needs a vacation.

I broke the personal computer.

He was delighted at the result.

I've never seen such a beautiful sunset.

I don't want to see him.


We admitted that we were wrong.

He wrote a fine description of what happened there.

They moved in recently.

Caroline is out of town again.

Jennie's rather busy just now.

I'm not enjoying this, either.

It was very nice seeing you again.

Catherine and I used to be friends.

I could tell that Neal didn't really want to talk to Miriamne.

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I can't leave Jared.

I had a quick breakfast.

Duke grabbed Christofer's arm and pulled her towards the door.

He began to learn English when he was twelve years old, that is to say, when he entered junior high school.

Anatole is looking at photographs.


I've been trying to put a little money in the bank every month.

I'm concerned whether or not I can handle a big job like that.

I'm with NTT.


I tried to keep my eye on the ball, but then the ball hit my eye.


Well, if you didn't do it, then who did?

The stick is sticky.

All were silent.

Geoffrey is an immigration lawyer.

I don't really know what this means.

What a pity! He was a good professor. May he rest in peace.

How was your audition?

Erwin came to pick me up.

She assembled the motor.

Buy him a beer.

Would you care for some more cake?


What is there to see in Nantes for a tourist?

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Nanda was more surprised than angry.


Senescence is the last stage of life.


He does not speak unless he is asked to.


There's a comparatively large cinema complex inside the mall.

I've worked with Mat a long time.

She took his book.

I'm afraid it's too late.

That's OK.

What's the punishment for this crime?

Some men get the world. Others get ex-hookers and a trip to Arizona.

I realized then that this awful cellar was the only place that could save our lives.

The college breaks up on Tuesday.

Caroline arrived at 2:30 and Ramon arrived a short time later.

I'm sure you would've done the same for me.

Drinking water is one of the best things that you can do.

Is it ok if we buy a little icecream?

When I was playing video games in the living room, my mom asked me if I would go shopping with her.

The audience clapped when the concert was over.

All you have to do is sit here.

The astronauts also planted an American flag in the lunar soil and left a plaque commerating man's landing on the Moon.

She knocked on the door.

Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries.


Tarmi is going to be late again.

The town was destroyed during the war.

Everyone is waiting for Leora to say something.

Our departure tomorrow is contingent on fair weather.

Your mental age is too low.

May I take some time off next week?

We don't forget.

We're not working for them.

We want you to do that.

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I lost my wife last year.

I could hardly keep from liking him.

I've always liked this restaurant.

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I'm often in trouble.

Kristian was seated at a table by the sidewalk.

Joachim began to feel better.

The father and the son are very similar to each other.

Please make sure that you get here on time.

Ritalynne certainly knows a lot about Boston.

The use of bad grammar and spelling in the email asking Rainer to update his bank account details was a telltale sign that it was a scam.

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Siegurd knows how to handle himself.

It's time to take a bath.

Why is appearance so important?


He was always on the side of the weak against the strong.

He's very likely to be late.

The girl was sick for home.


I wasn't very motivated.

I think his opinion is very important.

I'm little worried about them.


Take her outside.


Lindsay called the referee an idiot.

He is going to New York next week.

We'll need chairs.


Why aren't you asleep?

I almost didn't do that.

Malus didn't want to get married again.

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Cole couldn't understand.

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Hey, look what I found.

Toerless was out of his mind.

Is Avery getting enough to eat?


I want you to burn all of her pictures.

She's always on the go.

What would happen?

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Wherever you go, you will meet people who are kind and generous.

When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.

Is Carisa still engaged to Natraj?

I visited my father's grave.

Don't set off the alarm.


Gil looked down at his dirty shoes.

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Juliet maintains his car well.


He finally hit upon a solution to his problem.

Whoever the pitcher may be, he will not be able to strike out our best hitter.

My dog likes to gnaw on bones.

Don't fail to lock the door.

I kissed Edgar last night.


Clifford wouldn't let me help.


I didn't have my seat belt on.

How long did he live in Ankara?

You forgot to put on your tie.

I was just disconnected all of a sudden, damn connection problems.

Tarmi always wears black clothes.

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Revised likes it cold.

I think it was an accident.

She was understandably angry.

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His career culminated in the presidency.